Mr. Men Counterpart Wikia

In series[]

Out of Series[]

  • Peter Perfect (Hanana Barbara's Wacky Races, both are perfect, hence their names),
  • Perfect Peter (Horrid Henry, both are perfect and have perfect in their names),
  • Edward (Thomas and Friends, both are blue and friendly),
  • Hercules (TUGS, both are kind-hearted and have something blue on their heads),
  • Thomas O'Malley (The Aristocats, both are charming and handsome),
  • Spook, Brain and Fancy-Fancy (Top Cat, all four are kind-hearted),
  • Petunia (Happy Tree Friends, both are blue and like everything perfect),
  • Aqua (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, both have blue hair),
  • Gordon (Thomas the Tank Engine, both are blue),
  • Albert Glass (Fish Hooks, both are perfect and friendly),
  • Perfect Prudence (Little Monsters, both are perfect),
  • Claude (Raggy Dolls, both are perfect and wear blue),
  • Steve Jackson (Fish hooks, both are perfect and friendly and is never upset),
  • Lila Sawyer (Hey Arnold, both are perfect, kind and are hardly upset),
  • Stepney (Thomas and Friends, both are handsome),
  • Fox (Franklin the Turtle, both are charmers and handsome),
  • Hurkel (The Animals of Farthing Wood, both try to be kind to everyone),
  • Victoria (The Railway Series, both are blue and friendly),
  • Joshua Jones (Namesake series, both are friendly),
  • Vega (Street Fighter II, both are handsome),
  • Huckleberry "Huck" Yiucko (Dark and Light Elemental Ages from Warlords, both are blue, friendly, have blue hairs and handsome),
  • Henry (Thomas the Tank Engine, both are perfect),
  • Keishin Kaminai and Hana Willembs (Dark and Light Elemental Ages from Warlords, all 3 are perfect and friendly)
  • Mutsumi Saburo (Sgt Frog, both are perfect and is never upset)
  • Lumiere (Beauty and the Beast, both are handsome)
  • Ruby (Pokémon Special, both are perfect)
  • Tour (Jewepet, both are perfect)
  • Rajiv (Thomas and Friends, both are perfect),
  • Platinum Berlizt (Pokémon Special, both are perfect)
  • Don Flamenco (Punch Out, both are handsome and perfect)
  • Prince Handsome (Lalaloopsy, both are perfect and handsome)
  • Curt Henning (Wrestler, both are called Mr. Perfect)
  • Warthog (Tinga Tinga Tales, both are handsome)
  • Pow (Canimals, both have red and are handsome)
  • Loser (Battle for BFDI, both are perfect, said in BFB 6 by Coiny)
  • Mario (Nintendo, both are perfect and have their girlfriends)
  • Veronica Lodge (Archie series, both are perfect)
  • Betty Cooper (Archie series, both are perfect)
  • Perfect Panda (Care Bears, both are perfect)
  • Smug Villagers (Animal Crossing, both are perfect)
  • Senor Senior Jr. (Kim Possible, both have perfect hair)
  • Mr. Perfect (Blips, both have the same name)