• Her Peanuts counterpart is Marcie since they both have short hair, wear glasses, get things muddled up and annoys the Mr. Men and Peppermint Patty.
  • Her Kingdom Hearts counterpart is Naminê because they both have blonde hair.
  • Her Horrid Henry counterpart is Great Aunt Greta because they are both contrary to Henry and the Mr Men.
  • Her Top Cat counterpart is Brain because they are both orange and get things muddled up.
  • Her Codename: Kids Next Door counterparts are Numbuh 362 and Henrietta Von Marzipan, because all three have blonde hair.
  • Her Cat in the Hat (1952-2004) counterparts are the Things, because all 3 are contrary and have blue on their heads.
  • Her Ducktales (1987-1990) counterparts are the Beagle Boys because all of them are contrary.
  • Her Flushed Away counterpart is Edna because both has blonde hair and wear glass.
  • Her My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic counterpart is Applejack, because they are orange and have blonde hair.
  • Her Little Monsters counterpart is Contrary Constance (Contrary Connie to the American market) because both are contrary and have yellow.
  • Her Tweenies counterpart is Jake because they are both orange, have blonde hair and get words in a muddle.
  • Her Teddybears counterpart is Sarah because they are both orange and wear glasses.
  • Her Tiddlytubbies counterpart is Baa because he plays on a swing.
  • Her Timbuctoo counterpart is Baa because they both wear glasses and get things muddled up.
  • Her Spongebob counterpart is Sandy Cheeks because she likes karate.
  • Her Charlie and the Chocolate Factory counterpart is Grandma Georgina because they muddle their words up when speaking.